Fun with some new Noodler’s Inks

Feb 9 2008 ink scans

I will edit this post to add more description shortly but I wanted to get the scan of the inks up for everyone to see.  The Herbin Vert Empire did not make it – when we opened the box it turned out to be Larmes de Cassis.

Now, we had a comment that the Dragon’s Napalm appeared too pink like “Hello Kitty”.  I certainly would not say that it is pink, on the other hand, I would not say it is a burnt orange that I associate with fire breathing dragon’s.  It looks like mercurochrome did (you can’t buy it anymore, at least not in Canada (China, perhaps?)).  Here is another scan of only the Dragon’s Napalm on lined Rhodia paper.

Dragon’s Napalm scan

One thought on “Fun with some new Noodler’s Inks

  1. Hello, all. Let’s start with the Ellis Island. I love this ink and I actually do see blue in it. I think that perhaps it is more evident when you view a whole page of it. It is my work ink and therefore, I will do entire pages of it and it does suggest blue (like Zhivago suggests green)rather than black. When I put it on a page with other colours,especially blue, I can’t tell it from black, either.

    If anyone would like a real, live comparison sheet with Ellis, Zhivago and say Aurora Black, I will be happy to send you one. Mike, one is coming your way anyway, so feel free to circulate it if you like.

    Now for the BSB. It looks neato, but I don’t like blue ink, so there we go. I think it is quite the departure for Noodler’s and managed to tick off a bunch of people so in those respects, it is cool. If it were only not blue, I would buy some.

    Napalm. Maybe it is just my monitor, but this looks pink. I was really hoping for something that screamed destruction and hellfire. This looks a bit “Hello Kitty” to me. As I said, I am sure it is my monitor, as Nathan wouldn’t mess up an ink name so heinously, would he?

    Gotta get me some Manhattan, though. I, as has been mentioned before, am addicted to black ink and the Manhattan has been added to my wish list.

    Thank you, Mike, for putting this up. I hope you are all well and happy.

    Kathryn in Calgary

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