Herbin Ink

Herbin Perle des Encre Ink

Some of the most popular inks are made by J. Herbin – I have used their cartridges and bottles (you know, the demi ones with the pen rest) for years.  My personal favourites are eclat de saphir and poussière de lune; my youngest daughter’s one and only favourite – rose cyclamen.  I am looking forward to trying Vert Empire and Lie de Thé.

Interesting to note that the top selling inks made by Herbin include Perle Noire, Violette Pensée and Bleu Myosotis.  You can find out this information, as well as the history, manufacturing, download an ink chart and more from Pen And Co.’s Herbin ink pages, starting with the history page.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had purchased my Conklin Crescent filler from Jean Elie at Pen And Co. – with excellent results.  Well, in reviewing the Pen And Co. website after my pen purchase, I discovered a number of other goodies, including the best kept secret on the internet (hopefully not for long!).  Pen And Co.  sells Herbin inks here for the incredible price of just under  6 Euros per bottle and free shipping with a minimum order of 3 bottles (about $22 Cdn).  I don’t know anywhere that you can get this price and service!

2 thoughts on “Herbin Ink

  1. Hello,

    I am with your daughter. The cyclamen is the nicest pink ink I have ever come across. It ages well, too. I have noticed that some pink inks either tend orange or yellow (?) when left to age, but cyclamen remains a lovely pink after several months in a file folder.

    I have some Lie de The that I would be willing to send some little vials of. I like it very much, but prefer another ink for my “brown ink pen”. It is quite nice (good flow, shading). Please let me know at rhindk@shaw.ca if you would like a vial full.


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