Desert Island Pens & Accessories (Gentlemen Only – Part I/II)

Of course, I have to write on behalf of the men in the group as they do not possess the imagination or the same writing skills as KR (with a few notable exceptions including the present company, of course!).  I would not want to call them lazy!


So for the men, I will simply list what they have provided to me (with a few editorial comments where appropriate).  The numbering of the pens in the table below has no significance.







Pen #1 Acme “Reading” FP/RB Parker 51 – broad stub Blue Waterman Edson – broad nib Parker 75  Flighter – medium
Pen #2 Acme “Blueprints” FP/RB Green Pelikan 800 – flexible medium/fine Parker 51 – medium Black NamikiVanishing Point – medium
Pen #3     Esterbrook School Pen – 9314B broad Blue-black Pelikan 215 – medium
Inks Blue-Black Quink Blue-Black Quink – with SolvX Waterman – Florida Blue & Blue-Black Waterman Florida Blue and Diamine Prussian Blue
Paper     OPP Notebook  
Other     HB pencil  
Editorial Comments Of course, SS took this concept a bit too far.  He went with the Acme combination FP/RB for practical reasons and left all his beautiful Watermans at home! Ever the engineer, GG has to make sure that his ink has SolvX! JP tried to break the rules and bring more pens than he was allowed. If you want to see how much RM loves his Prussian Blue, you should see the lengths this man went to test this ink for the Fountain Pen Network!







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