Desert Island Pens & Accessories (Gentlemen Only – Part II/II)

Last but not least, are my desert island pens and accessories (Me) and for those gentlemen who were away at the time, my best speculation as to what they would pick.  Enjoy the final post on this subject!


The pens selected for these members are based on my speculation







Pen #1 Parker Duofold Cloisonné Lamy Safari Vintage Parker Senior Duofold Blue Waterman Edson – broad
Pen #2 Parker 51 Anything by Rotring Namiki Vanishing Point Blue Pelikan 805 – broad
Pen #3 Delta Colosseum or Stipula Etruria Nuda Parker 51   Black hard chased rubber Conway Stewart Churchill – broad italic
Inks Quink Blue, Delta Blue or Noodler’s Baystate Blue Rotring Black or Levenger inks Noodler’s Legal Lapis Quink Blue, Diamine Prussian Blue or Noodler’s Baystate Blue
Paper   Moleskine and student notebooks from the 1950’s Moleskine Rhodia, Clairefontaine or Whitelines
Editorial Comments The Parker Duofold and 51 were easy but the last pen, a toss up. Levenger or Rotring anyone? Pure speculation since a relatively new member Anything blue, of course!

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