Desert Island Pens & Accessories (Ladies First)

Our pen club met on March 29 at the usual William’s Coffee on Wellington. The theme selected for the week was “desert island” pens and accessories. In other words, you are being sentenced to spend the rest of your life on a desert island – what are the 2-3 pens and accessories (ink, paper, etc…) that you would take from your current collection. Of course, some people took this literally (read: too practical) while the rest grasped the spirit of the theme.

So, off we go with ladies first. Our sole lady member, KR, provided me with her list as follows (I will not add to her comments; she can write quite well on her own behalf!):

1. MB 149 because if I leave it lying around my Mother will pinch it. That and I love it. Ink in this pen: PR Orange Crush because the pen likes it and the cheerful colour will make me feel better when all I have to look at is sand and green stuff.
2. Caran d’Ache Ecridor Retro (with matching pencil) because it is indestructible. I may need a hammer or a drill or a stabby (ed: sharp?) weapon. Plus, I love it. Ink in this pen: Noodler’s Old Manhattan Black because it is the best ink in the known universe and it is bulletproof. I will need something enduring to write my memoirs with, should anyone ever run across my ink stained corpse in a cave.
3. Visconti Van Gogh Midi Vanilla because it looks yummy and when I am starving on the island I can lick it and pretend that it is a frozen treat or a stick of swirly white/milk chocolate. I will then feel better. Ink in this pen: MB Season’s Greetings (brown, smells like cookies) because it will add to the fantasy. Plus, it looks really good coming out of this particular pen.
4. Paper: Ecojot looseleaf, Apica notebooks and G. Lalo deckled edge Ivory Correspondence cards with matching envelopes (for birthdays, thank you letters, invitations….you know. For all of my imaginary friends I will find on the island as I go slightly mad.)

There are two additional posts that follow which detail the desert island items selected by the men of our club.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Desert Island Pens & Accessories (Ladies First)

  1. Is there a theme every week? I’m pleased to see that the Club has continued – I’ve been wondering about you guys! Nice that Pendemonium’s Sam has mentioned you today – so my wondering has been informed/answered. I really must try and stop-by with some of my mini-pens again…

    Your former “sole lady member” !!

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