New Arrivals and Wishlists

Ah, spring has finally sprung – the “freshness” of renewal and new arrivals.  A spirit of optimism and hope prevails as the seasons change from dark to light.  Enough already, I am not a poet (although my feet may show it, they are Longfellows!). 

Back to pens – what has recently arrived in the mail or is on the wish list  to dream or lust about or maybe just the thrill of the hunt – ebay, discussion boards, antique shows and shops or best of all, a heavenly pen show.  Or maybe, just maybe the children or spouse of a member will find this page bookmarked or left on screen so that they could check out this list as a shopping guide for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or just because day.

Here goes:

Member What’s New? Wishlist
RG Pear Tree Pen Ink Sampler, Parker Sonnet, Cross (model unknown) A hard cover for Clairfontaine notebooks, A full size Striped Parker Duofold, Lamy 2000, Parker 100
DR   Mint Duofold Sr. (orig. box, labels, price sticker etc., Mint Duofold Sr. (orig. box, no price sticker but mint,
mint, mint, Orig. Vac Max … mint.
SS Some incredibly beautiful Watermen (that I stole from another club member!) – a barely used W5 fountain pen & pencil set in its original box and a mint English #52B fountain pen Waterman Rose Ripple and Patrician
KR   Brown “Folder Holder” with traditional closure from Renaissance Art, Apica journals, Noodler’s Nikita 
Me Taccia Staccato (Lunar Blue), Libelle Chromatic Sport (Gunmetal), Lamy Ocean Blue Al-Star and Lime Green Safari, plus some Swisher inks – Glacier Blue & North Sea Blue and some Noodler’s Ink – Heart of Darkness (Black) & Gulfstream Blue Anything blue!
GG Noodler’s Baystate Blue, Diamine China Blue  

One thought on “New Arrivals and Wishlists

  1. You guys (I use the term in the genderless sense) are doing a fantastic job! I feel like a lazy slob, just reading and enjoying your observations, comments and knowledge. Some day I’m going to contribute something myself! No kidding.

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