News For You to Use (or Find Useless, ATCMB)

Some recent items involving fountain pens that at least I found interesting:

Fascinating facts, figures and insight into the “stationery” business

The new Lamy line-up for the year – check out the ultra cool Lime Lamy Safari!

I was able to obtain a couple of the Lime Lamys from a Limey on Ebay.  I have not yet to see it available in the US or Canada.  When it does arrive, it will be hot.  And although it is not listed here, I have also seen a lineup of Lamy’s pens in Raspberry at Art Brown ––P18324C1213.aspx

Also of note is the new (triangular shaped) ball-point, the Noto. 

One of our members recently brought home a Montblanc catalog from Germany.  Although I have not seen it, I understand it contained a number of diamond encrusted pens.  To wit:

A fascinating blog on fountain pen restoration:

“A blog devoted to writing, grammar, good manners, and basically trying to save Civilization, one punctuation mark at a time.”

The how to improve your penmanship is just one of many useful posts on this blog.  Check it out!

Oh, the Parker 51!

Short demonstration on YouTube on refilling a fountain pen ink cartridge using a syringe and blunt needle:

Esterbrook history, for you JP:


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