Brown and Green Ink Scans

Brown and green inks aren’t as sexy as some of the glam colours, like blue!  I have attached several scans of brown and green inks that you don’t normally see everyday.


One thought on “Brown and Green Ink Scans

  1. A comment from BenO that I received directly via email. BenO wrote:

    I enjoyed your blog on the inks. You made one comment that I whole heartedly agree with and that was in reference to Levenger inks. You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, Levenger inks do not get the credit they deserve. I find their inks excellent, of good quality, and they are very imaginative in their colour selection (oops since it is an American company I suppose I should have said color instead). I very much like their basic Cobalt blue and Raven Black. Many of their inks also seem to have a silky smoothness to them which enhances the nib of whichever pen you are using. At least that is my experience with Levenger inks.

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