FPN Inks – Van Gogh Starry Night Blue & Dumas Tulipe Noire

The great people at the Fountain Pen Network (FPN) have created a few inks of their own (in association with the ink wizards at Noodler’s).  To date, the FPN has created three inks to be exact – Galileo Manuscript Brown, Dumas Tulipe Noire and the just released Van Gogh Starry Night Blue.  I ordered a number of the blues and one each of the brown and tulipe noire, however, I have not yet received the brown.  In any event, here is a scan of the blue and tulipe noire.  The people at FPN are so artistic that they even created the labels for the bottles!


The first two scans are of the blue – one of handwriting with a Sailor King of Pens Professional Gear with a Togi nib and the other a swab using a Q tip. 


This is a scan of the tulipe noire scan, swabbed with a Q tip.

5 thoughts on “FPN Inks – Van Gogh Starry Night Blue & Dumas Tulipe Noire

  1. I am guessing that the Starry Starry ink is closer to what many people were expecting of the Ellis Island. It is very nice and thank you for showing us.


  2. Hi. Thanks for the review. Was there a hint of green in this blue/black? I’m looking for a true blue/black without the green tint. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    1. There was no green in this blue/black that I recall – it is one of my favourite colours. The only difficulty that you may have is getting this ink. I don’t know if it is still available or not through the FPN

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