Chatterley Pens and Pen Time, LLC

As part of the whole fountain pen experience and culture, we have the opportunity to meet and deal with many, many people.  It could be a chance encounter at a pen show, an exchange on a discussion board or a business transaction.  I know that I have learned an incredible amount about those individuals who are reliable,  consistently deliver great service for fair value and most of all, have integrity.  I consider people with these qualities to be the “gold standard” and I will give them my repeat business.  Just as important as my own business, I will refer my friends and colleagues to them.  I don’t do this lightly because when I make these referrals, both of our reputations are on the line.

The list of “Good people to deal with” at the bottom of this blog are people who meet my gold standard.  Another person who meets  my qualifications – whom I have watched for some time on the Fountain Pen Network (FPN) and finally done business with myself – is Bryant (Bry) Greer of Chatterley Pens and Pen Time, LLC.  I recently bought a tan and black marbled celluloid (calico) Platinum 3776 with a music nib (picture below\from Bry) from him and am in the process of buying a Conway Stewart Duro in dartmoor (start here to find out about his May special on certain Conway Stewart bespoke pens – you won’t be disappointed).

platinum calico

Chatterley Pens and Pen Time, LLC has a website and Bry is a regular contributor to the For Sale forum of the FPN.  Not only does Bry provide that rare combination of service and value, he has an entrepreneurial streak.  Working with The Bexley Pen Company, he recently commissioned his second LE pen, the Dionysus in red and green Tibaldi celluloid (pictured below/from Bry) and based on the Bexley Poseidon Magnum.  The first commissioned LE pen, the Romulus (in teal pearl blue and based on the Bexley Poseidon)  sold out quickly.


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