Review of Geoff Morris’ pen cases

By LPC member David

I’d been looking for a while for a simple, minimalist pen case to house some pens. I didn’t want any fancy metal clasps or hinges, or a glass display top – just a decent case to store pens.

Geoff’s standard case are either 5-drawer or 2-drawer models, and they come in either standard or deep sizes. I chose the 5- drawer, deep version and that’s what’s illustrated in the accompanying images. The measurements are 185 mm deep by 275 mm high and 250 mm wide.

You can also choose the color of the felt with which you would like Geoff to line the drawers; there are the standard black, brown, green, red etc as well as more vibrant colors like yellow, orange and pink etc. He can make each drawer a separate color or each drawer the same color. I chose the yellow, and am really happy with it. I think it makes the pens sparkle more than they would with a darker color.

The drawers hold 10 pens each and easily accommodate an MB 149, as shown. The drawers slide out completely, a nice feature, which allows one to take a drawer to another location. The cases are not made out of solid wood, but out of MDF, which is a stable substance that doesn’t warp or split, an advantage in homes that have varying temperatures. A nice touch is that the same felt used to line the drawers is used on the bottom of the case, to protect furniture underneath the case.

Geoff offers superb service. He makes the cases when you place an order and in my case, the entire process was completed in about a week. He keeps the customer up to date about the progress and when the case is finished, Geoff will email pictures of the final product for your final approval, before asking you to pay for them. Once paid for, the cases are packed very well and then shipped, tracked and insured. Further information can be found on Geoff’s website.

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