Themes for Fall 2010

Sept. 4 – Slow winner pens – pens you have grown to love after initial dissafection
Sept. 18 – Specialty nibs – stubs, italics and others
Oct. 2 – How to replace a pen sac (“leader” needed)
Oct. 16 – Orange pens – for Halloween
Oct. 23 – Toronto Pen Show
Nov. 6 – Birthday pens – pens born around the same year as you
Nov. 20 – How to buy pens from FPN and Ebay (“leader” desirable)
Dec 4. – Parker 51s
Dec. 18 – Xmas gift exchange

As always, “new acquisitions” are welcome any time.

2 thoughts on “Themes for Fall 2010

  1. How do I find out about pens that were born around the same year as you…mentioned above “Nov6th”?
    How can I access the article?

    1. I apologize for the delay in responding. If you want to find out about birthday pens, i.e., those pens that were introduced around the same time as your birthday, it is best to refer to one of the many reference books on pens, particularly something of a general nature rather than a book based on a particular model or brand of pens. I find that The Chronicle of the Fountain Pen, Stories within a Story,By Joao Pavao Martins, Luiz Leite, and Antonio Gagean and published in 2007 to be a terrific book for this particular purpose. Each chapter is organized in a chronological manner and includes a time line showing the main historical events around that time together with the models introduced by each manufacturer.

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