P.W. Akkerman Anniversary Ink Scans

As promised, our ink order arrived in time for us to scan them and let the club members try them out.  These samples were made using a Q tip cotton swab and Rhodia 80g paper.  In several cases, I was able to fill pens and write with them so that you can see the effect of different nib sizes.  In general, the actual colour seen when using a fountain pen is darker than the sample created using the Q tip.  See for yourself below:

Page 1 of PW Akkerman Ink scans
PW Akkerman Ink scans page 2

You may also recall that one of our members purchased a bottle of the Bekakts Brown ink.  He mailed in his comments after using the ink for the past week:

“First off, the bottle looks great, as everyone will agree, and it
works very well when it comes time to refilling. The ink itself has a
very lustrous and thick quality appearance when it is first laid on
paper. Of course, this means it takes a bit longer to dry. Knowing
this, I have not had any real issues with the ink bleeding through a
page, even on my ‘cheap’ Grand and Toy notepad at work.

Bekakt is very dark compared to my Sheaffer Skript Brown, which would
be my only reference. At first glance, notes written with this ink
almost appear black, except for the small shading that occurs. One can
still tell the ink is in fact brown, not black, but it allows it to be
used very subtly. Because of this, the ink doesn’t take too much
attention away from the message itself.”

Let us know what you think, whether you have tried them or not.  What is your favourite colour and why?

One thought on “P.W. Akkerman Anniversary Ink Scans

  1. Ah, Akkerman. I visited a friend in Amsterdam – and we also went to Rotterdam. I believe I discovered an Akkerman’s in Rotterdam, and bought myself a lovely Lady Waterman pen… Fond memories, even though the pen self-destructed, and I had to take advantage of the lifetime warranty…

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