Great meeting this morning, largest attendance we’ve had in while and it was great to have our roving correspondent Owen at a meeting.

I could try and tell you how much purple there was but the pictures do a much better job…

20140419-IMG_4597 20140419-IMG_4592 20140419-IMG_4587  20140419-IMG_4584 20140419-IMG_4581 20140419-IMG_4580 20140419-IMG_4579 20140419_095834


5 thoughts on “Easter at the LPC – Purple, Purple & even more Purple!

  1. Great photos, Rick! Just wondering what the purple pen at the bottom of photo #1 is…..It reminds me a bit of a Recife Traveller pen I own…..

  2. With some help from Dan D. of the LPC, I did some digging and discovered it’s an Airmail/Wality ’44’ pen made in India. Nice pen!

  3. Love the photos too but a caption underneath the pens would be nice for novice collectors/users. Also, in image #3, what is that marbled cylinder with the two breathing holes?

  4. I’m not in the club, but I love playing “pen detective” 🙂 The pen in question looks like a Waterman Lady Agathe (the metal cylinder swings open and the pen is stored inside when not in use—cool design!).

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