2016 National Handwriting Day – Practice, Practice, Practice

Several of our more enthusiastic members practiced their handwriting as part of their celebration of 2016 National Handwriting Day, and one even wrote some postcards to be mailed to some very lucky people!

Handwriting sample1

Handwriting sample2

Handwriting sample3

Handwriting sample4 postcards

What did you do to celebrate 2016 National Handwriting Day?  Let us know, we would love to hear from you by email or by responding to our poll below:

6 thoughts on “2016 National Handwriting Day – Practice, Practice, Practice

  1. Hello folks, I am wondering about Writing Tool stores and other various supplies in the London area. I’m in New Glasgow and there isn’t much of substance at the right-side of the country. Any suggestions? Also wondering whether there is a repair tool and necessary supplies source in your area. Thanks for your help. Happy writing. Rev. Keith Humphrey (ret’d)

    1. Hello Rev. Humphrey
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, the nearest such store is Phidon Pens in Cambridge. It is a terrific store owned by even better people and it is well worth the trip if you decide to go. Your other option would be to head to Windsor-Detroit as I understand there is a decent pen store in Detroit called PenZDetroit, although I have not been there myself. Other than that, your other option is to come to one of our pen club meetings (or more if you like) as someone might well be selling a pen, ink or paper that you are interested in/know of a good place to source it. I hope this helps. As an aside, I grew up in West Lorne and my uncle/aunt had a cottage in New Glasgow as well as an interest in a couple of the trailer parks in that area.

  2. When and where does your club meet please? I will be in London in May and thought I might attend, if there were a meeting. Thank you Jim in the US

  3. I have a pen a gold hero pen says shanghai china its gold with gold dragons and has an h on top and bottom its in a red velvet box and dragons on out side is it any good i cant read chinese writeing on it

    1. Hi Jason,
      Thanks for your question. The Hero brand pen is one of the first pen brands from China – the vast majority of their pens are inexpensive and their quality is rather inconsistent, particularly the older ones – some work well/others, not so much. For example, if you look on eBay, you will find over 2,000 Hero pens for sale, almost all of them under $100 and in fact, a quick review of them indicates many under $30. If you like fountain pens, I suggest that you give it a fill and see how it performs for you because selling it is not likely to bring you much, if anything.
      I hope that helps.

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