Kill Winter With Orange – Feb. 3, 2018

The meeting theme for February 3, 2018, as suggested by Rocklee, was Kill Winter with Orange! an orange theme- inspired by a gentleman named Keith @RandomThinks to celebrate his annual #KillWinterwithOrange tribute.

The rules were simple – bring all your orange pens, orange notebooks, orange anything stationary related.

Some Sailors that were in town on leave:


We have here a real variety pack – a Sheaffer Flat Top, a Hero clone of a Lamy Safari, some Parkers, …



Some Mont Blanc pens to bring up the average price per pen!  LOL



The new Tangerine Sailor 1911 and in the background, some Lamys and a Pilot.


Let’s see a bunch of Lamys, a few Sailors, Bexley, and one each of a Pilot, Edison, and Pelikan.


And lastly, a Cross pen award sample set.



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