Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham Ink Redux

Back in September, 2008, we wrote about a then-new, custom Noodler’s Ink made for our friends Murtaza et al at Sleuth & Statesman, i.e., Blue Upon The Plains of Abraham (BUPA). While we applauded our friends for their effort to provide their customers with an unique ink (and the terrific label on the bottle as chosen by them and/or Noodler’s), let’s just say we were less than enthusiastic about the ink, with good reason, describing it as “incredibly temperamental” and not being able to “figure out how to get work in a fountain pen” (sic).  The ink was subsequently discontinued.

It turns out that Wonder Pens has now released a reformulated BUPA (with the same great label) and so we thought it a good idea to compare the old and the new and see what improvements have been made by Noodler’s in conjunction with Wonder Pens.

For illustration purposes, the first scan below shows the two bottles of BUPA side by side with the old on the left and the new to its right.  It is obvious that something has changed with the new ink, i.e., the new BUPA seems to be a deeper darker blue while the old is lighter is much less so with a magenta tone.old and new Noodlers BUPA

So let’s take a look (below)at swabs of the old BUPA, before and after the bottle had been shaken to see if that would make a difference – and it did!  In fact, redoing these swabs reminded us why we described it as “incredibly temperamental”.  The ink was a nice blue, if not consistent, when properly mixed.  In fact, if the ink was left unused in a pen for as little as a day, it needed to be shaken to produce anything close to this blue.

Old BUPA scans

Now for the new BUPA – while there appears to be a small difference when the bottle has settled vs. shaken, it is not anything close to the old BUPA.  The magenta/purples shades are thankfully gone and while it is not as deep a blue as one might expect upon opening the bottle, it is a still a very nice blue – I would call it aegean – blue-grey – cerulean blue.

New BUPA scans

So, congrats are in order to both Noodler’s and Wonder Pens, with a special tip of the cap to Wonder Pens for giving its customers something different!