Care of Fountain Pens & Ink in Winter

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The Deep Freeze & Happy Ink
Thankfully not all of you reading this live in the frigid world like we’ve been in lately. I’d be pleased if it would just get above freezing for a few days. It’s been an especially cold winter thus far and the sooner it ends, the happier I’ll be. But more important than that is what these bitter temps can do to your pens and ink. If you’re in a cold zone, don’t even think about leaving your pens in the car overnight. They stand a good chance of cracking. We’re still shipping ink, but with extra insulation. If your ink arrives frozen, it’s still OK, let it come to room temp before opening. That way the bottles won’t crack causing a huge ink stain! Once again, for those of you in the cold zones, it might be a good idea to have your ink shipped to your office if no one is home during the day to bring it inside. Your ink will be so happy! Remember to wear your mittens.