De Atramentis (Blue) Ink Scans

At the weekly meeting of the London Pen Club this morning, I had the opportunity to swab the De Atramentis inks that I purchased from Laywine’s . As you can tell from the bottles that I purchased, I like blue ink.

In case you can’t read my handwriting on the scan (which was rather poor by my usual standards) the colours are as follows – Petrol, Dark Blue, Indigo Blue, Sapphire, Atlantic Blue and Blue Grey.

De Atramentis Blue Ink
De Atramentis Blue Ink

When I passed the scan around the coffee table this morning, the Indigo Blue seemed to attract the most attention (in terms of a favourite) while the Petrol also generated some discussion (the ink and also its name).  I can understand the popularity of the Indigo Blue, however, I am quite pleased with all of them.  I am most curious to see what the Atlantic Blue looks like with different nibs.  I think it has the most variation in colour that should produce some interesting shading with the right nib, such as a Bexley broad stub or a Conway Stewart Italic Broad.

De Atramentis Dark Blue Ink

A fellow LPC member was kind enough to pick up a bottle of De Atramentis Dark Blue ink from Laywine’s in Toronto.  The ink is also known by the not very PC name of “Business Ink for Successful Men”.  I certainly agree that it would make a nice business ink but I expect it could be used just as well, if not better, by the fairer sex.

A very nice ink with a blue-black look to it, no hint of purple as you may find in a number of blue inks.  Fwiw, I have seen some comments that it is similar to Dupont Blue-Black.

Sept. 13 update – When I posted this on the Fountain Pen Network and mentioned how difficult I found the De Atramentis website to navigate, in terms of finding the inks suitable for fountain pens and the colours that interest me, I was directed to this tremendously useful color card that lists the inks by colour and both their German and English names.  Beware though, it is not in numerical order as their newer colours appear to have been added at the end, e.g. #47 Taubenblau/Colombin.