01/20/08 Hilights – New Lamy Al Star & Pear Tree Pen’s Ink Samples

Sometimes people are busy and such was the case on Saturday, January 20, 2008.  Only 3 + 1 were able to attend – Rick, Gord and Doug + “Bennie” aka “Bennett”.  A good time was had nevertheless (and as usual)!
Rick had just received the Lamy Al Star Safari Fountain Pen – Ocean Blue pen (from The Pear Tree Pen Company).  IT IS A REALLY SUPER iteration of the Safari AL Star series.  The blue is really deep and catches your eye much like the Waterman Edson Blue – that deep rich unique tone of blue.  The nib was a ‘very’ fine one (a little too much so for those who prefer the fine-medium feel of a nib on paper).  All agreed however that this pen was one that was one of the best in the AL Star series.  (The previous light-blue  was at best wishy-washy … a blue pretending to be the original silver).
Lamy Al Star Safari Fountain Pen - Ocean BlueLamy Al Star Safari Fountain Pen - Ocean BlueLamy Al Star Safari Fountain Pen - Ocean BlueLamy Al Star Safari Fountain Pen - Ocean Blue
Rick also purchased a Pear Tree Company Ink Sampler.  Four 1cc vials of ink in a vacuum-sealed plastic package – from your choice of nearly 400 shades from bottles of fountain pen ink.  Each ink was labeled and in its own screw topped vial. To say they were “mini” samples is not quite right – super-mini is more accurate.  We had to swish the nib in the ink to even be able to get enough on the nib to ‘dip’ it.  There may have been a pen load in the bottle but you would need a syringe to get it out of the bottle and into your pen.  On the other hand the whole cost of this set of samples was only $4.00. James Partridge (the owner of The Pear Tree Pen Company) cannot be making a ton on this what with the cost of labeling the ink bottles and shrink wrapping them.  Nevertheless, James’ idea is a great one (maybe  put in a request for a double portion and pay $8 …  or 2 double samples if you only want to spend $4) that would allow you a good test.  It should also be noted that you can get a bottle with an eyedropper-cap for an extra $1.60.  If the review sounds negative, it is just not so.  We thought the idea was a great one and well worth a try but perhaps one might better spend a bit more money and getting a better sized sample or a bottle with an eyedropper-cap.  We know James and he is to be commended for his innovation and terrific customer service!
Next week’s theme will be centennial Duofolds – and we might get lucky and see the unveiling of a new True Blue!  Hope to see you then!
YIPPIE (Yours in pens, paper, ink & ephemera),
PS.  I found a few great pics of the Lamy pen that really shows off the Ocean Blue, so I have added them below.  Enjoy!
Lamy Ocean Blue AL Safari
Very nice indeed!
Lamy Ocean Blue AL Safari