London Pen Club to host 2015 Pelikan Hub

pelikan logoToday, the London Pen Club was advised by Pelikan that it was selected to host a 2015 Pelikan Hub on September 25 at 6:30 p.m. ET!!  This is great news and a tremendous honour for our club – we are going to do our very best to host a wonderful event!!  The other Canadian cities selected are Montreal, Sherbrooke and Toronto and the cities selected from around the globe can be found here.

Thanks to those members of our club who registered before today so that we could demonstrate our keen interest to Pelikan and most of all, a very special thank you to LPC member Kata, who took the initiative to register as a Hub Master for London and inspired the rest of us to follow her lead and register as participants!!

Here’s the next best part – the final registration date for London (or any other location, for that matter) is the end of July.  So if you would like to join us in London or elsewhere, you need to register so here that the Hub Master knows the number of participants and can make arrangements for a suitable location, etc.

So, if you expect to be in the neighbourhood of London, Canada on September 25 around 6:30 p.m., please register as a participant and join us to share our love of all things fountain pen!!

Three Cheers for Scriptus 2014 – Toronto’s Fountain Pen & Writing Show!!!

What a terrific start to 2014!  A few days ago I received an email from Scriptus – the newly launched blog that provides details of Scriptus 2014 – Toronto’s Fountain Pen & Writing Show, scheduled for November 2, 2014 at the Appel Salon, 2nd flr., Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St., Toronto.  This is the first of such shows in Toronto since 2010 and the organizer/driving force behind it is Philip Akin.  The blog provides interested readers with the ability to subscribe for updates, including inter alia sponsorship and vendor-exhibitor information.

The hobby of using & collecting of fountain pens and related items is strong and widespread across Canada as evidenced by the number of clubs – Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, GTA, and, of course, our club in London.  We Canadians need a pen show of our own so if there is ANYTHING that you can do to make this event a success, whether as a sponsor, vendor-exhibitor, volunteer,  or attendee please contact Philip at

New Year, New Look!

Happy 2010 to all of you!  We thought it was time to change/spruce things up a bit.  Let us know what you think – do you like the new format, can we do something better, etc.?  Our goal each year is to provide you with interesting information about anything and everything related to fountain pens.  My personal goal is to post more frequently and regularly over the course of the upcoming year.

Many of the ideas for these posts arise from discussions at the London Pen Club meetings (check out our web page) as well as information that we share with the terrific members of the Vancouver Pen Club and Calgary Pen Club.  If you are not currently a member of a pen club, try and find one nearby.  The opportunity to share this hobby with others of like interests but different experiences and backgrounds will increase your knowledge and enjoyment of it exponentially!

Once again, Happy 2010!  We are always pleased to hear your thoughts!


Without Ink

Perish the thought!  I am not writing what would be, for most of us, an unthinkable predicament, that is to find ourself without ink.  Ask the question “Does anyone have ink?” at one of our pen club meetings and there will be 20+ bottles on the table before you can say “Noodler’s”. 

As a seasonal aside, for the past two (?) years, at our Saturday meeting just before Christmas, the London Pen Club  does a gift exchange of sorts.  Everyone brings a gift of “mystery ink” – ink wrapped up in everything from LCBO bags to men’s underwear (they were clean but for the rainbow of ink stains).  The booty is placed on a table and we each get to pick the package that calls to us.  This year I gifted five FPN sample vials of Noodler’s ink – Borealis Black, Dragon’s Napalm, Blue Upon the Plains of Abraham, FPN Galileo Brown, and one that I did not know (the label was off the bottle).  I received two baby food-size jars, one containing MB Blue – Black and the other Diamine Presidential Blue.  Very nice – but I can’t forget that the MB Blue-black is an iron gall ink.

Back to the scary notion of “without ink”.  Like you, I probably spend too much time looking at and reading about pens and ink on the web.  Occasionally, I come across sites or blogs that catch my eye, such as WithoutInk   The writer describes himself in a way that struck a chord with me – “… even with all this cool technology. i have noticed — life is very different without ink. i used to write a lot. i enjoyed it. now i type a lot… and thats totally different.”  I could not agree more – I wished that I wrote much more and typed less (perhaps after reading this far, you also agree that I should type less!).  The site has a number of pen and ink reviews, each of them are thorough and well written.  I particularly like the template that the writer employs to give the reviews structure and consistency.  In fact, the format and content reminded me a lab report, which makes sense as the writer describes himself as a “tech geek”.  I actually sent the writer a note asking him if he would link our site and send me a copy of the template, which he (Matt) did kindly and promptly.  Matt mentioned that he intends to update the template soon, once he designs it.  I can’t wait.  Thanks Matt, keep up the terrific work!  Your site is now on my regular reading list and others would do well to add it to theirs.

The Blog of the London Pen Club!

Hello and welcome!

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Mr. Doug Ritchie, the London Pen Club has a new website and our own blog.  Go to the website for details on club meetings, etc. in case you live in the London, Ontario area (or are passing through on a Saturday morning) and would like to drop in and join us – you are always welcome. 

Check out this blog for regular reports on our meetings, pen and ink reviews, anything pen and ink related and created by our members that will help you get the most out of this hobby.  The blog is meant to be our interactive space so please add your comments.

Welcome again and enjoy!