Former Parker Ink Factory is Transformed into High Tech Home

Last August, we wrote about the building in downtown London Ontario across from the Greyhound Bus Terminal that formerly housed the Parker Pen Co. and their fountain pen ink manufacturing facility.  You can read that blog posting by clicking here.
The building is in the news, the Harmony Buffet has moved out and the building is being renovated to house a technology company.  You can read about it in the London Free Press by clicking here. While we are pleased to see the building survive rather than being torn down for a parking lot, it will be interesting to see if the building is still recognizable after the renovations?
Further to the above,  we have another update on the former Parker Ink Factory in London, Ontario and its conversion to high tech office space.  This follow-up article in the London Free Press makes reference to the fact that the building was occupied by the Parker Pen Co. in the 1950s.
How ironic would it be if the twenty-somethings that tote their laptops to work here use fountain pens …

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