Let’s Hear It (Once Again) for the Vancouver Pen Club!!

It appears that the Vancouver Pen Club (VPC) is at it once again.  It wasn’t that long ago that they were posing for centerfold of Pen World magazine (well, not actually the centerfold, it was a page near the center of the magazine).  Now they are celebrating another accomplishment as they get ready to hold their 50th meeting (to be held on August 16, 2012)!  Voltaire said, “The biggest reward for a thing well done is to have done it.”  To which I think it is quite appropriate to add, “So keep on doing it!”

There are many members who have played a great part in the life of the VPC – just read the VPC website  to see their numerous contributions.  First and foremost, let’s give all credit to Tim Conklin who had the inspiration to start the VPC in the fall of 2006 – you can read about it here.  Second, many, many thanks to Maja who has so graciously shared her experience and ideas so that we could make the LPC better.  Congratulations on this achievement and thank you to all involved in the VPC, you have set a standard for all clubs to aspire to!!

P.S.  Save me a big piece of cake!!