National Handwriting Day 2017



Photos taken at today’s London Pen Club meeting in recognition of the 40th National Handwriting Day – January 23, 2017. #handwritingday #londonpenclub  More photos of other handwriting can be found on our club’s Facebook page.

Let us know what you did to celebrate …


2016 National Handwriting Day – Practice, Practice, Practice

Several of our more enthusiastic members practiced their handwriting as part of their celebration of 2016 National Handwriting Day, and one even wrote some postcards to be mailed to some very lucky people!

Handwriting sample1

Handwriting sample2

Handwriting sample3

Handwriting sample4 postcards

What did you do to celebrate 2016 National Handwriting Day?  Let us know, we would love to hear from you by email or by responding to our poll below:

January 23, 2016 at the LPC

LPC Hancock_header scans

Handwriting Day “aka John Hancock Day” was established in 1977 and is celebrated on the birthday of – you guessed it, John Hancock.  Mr. Hancock, who was the President of Congress when the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the U.S. was born, is perhaps best known for his iconic signature on the U.S. Declaration of Independence. 

For an excellent discussion of why cursive handwriting is so important, please read “10 Reasons to Teach your Child Handwriting in the Digital Age” 

We at the LPC decided to celebrate by having everyone submit a sample of their handwriting of a passage, quote, etc… that holds particular meaning to them.  Of course, some had more to say than others (the lawyer, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more).

Without any further ado, here they are:

LPC Hancock1 scans LPC Hancock2 scans LPC Hancock3 scans

LPC Hancock4 scans LPC Hancock10 scansLPC Hancock11 scansLPC Hancock12 scans
LPC Hancock5 scans LPC Hancock6 scans LPC Hancock7 scans LPC Hancock8 scans LPC Hancock9 scans