Noodler’s El Lawrence Ink and Fluorescence – by LPC Member Rick M.

I read a post on Fountain Pen Network (FPN) this morning about how Noodler’s El Lawrence ink was supposed have some fluorescence to it. As I just so happen to have pens filled with both El Lawrence (thanks to Mike W) and Blue Ghost inked at the moment {the Blue Ghost is in a Platinum Preppy (pen on the left) and the El Lawrence is in a Lamy Al-Star (pen on the right)], AND I just bought a new ultraviolet flashlight, I naturally had to have a look.

Noodlers pens loaded

The Blue Ghost is invisible on paper until you shine a black light on it. The El Lawrence sort of glows when the black light shines on it.

Noodlers fluorescence

I have got to hand it to Noodler’s, they’ve got some (ed.’s note – pretty, pretty) cool stuff!

Have you found El Lawrence or any other fountain pen ink to have fluorescence?  We would love to hear from you!

Blinded by Science (actually Ink Chromatography)

With apologies to Thomas Dolby …

When I’m filling my fountain pens
“Blinding me with science – science!”
I can smell the chemicals

“Blinding me with science – science!”

Inspired by this post by Richard Binder some of the more pseudo-science-minded members (in other words, a small but enthusiastic gathering) of the LPC thought it would be great fun to conduct a science experiment aka Ink Chromatography this past Saturday (Sept. 27) morning.

As most of us know, ink is composed of different dyes that are mixed together to give it a particular colour. With an eye dropper, some paper towels and water (using the eyedropper means we get to call it a science experiment – as long as you fill it right on the meniscus!) we can see what individual colours your favourite inks are made of. The photo ​below is (from left to right) Diamine Eclipse, Parker Quink Blue Black and Diamine Salamander.


What did we learn? Most blues are blue, most purples are purple, brown’s are an interesting mix of colours, Herbin inks are very light on pigment and Noodler’s Inks that contain their permanent black in the mix leave the black in the centre and the colours running out to the periphery. It was fun. Science is FUN!

20140927-IMG_4843 20140927-IMG_4842 20140927-IMG_4840

Noodler’s Badger & Blade 5 O’Clock Shadow and Zhivago inks

Recently Badger & Blade commissioned Noodler’s Ink to create a signature ink – “5 O’Clock Shadow” (FOS).  FOS is a deeply pigmented black with shadings of grey and green.

At a recent pen club meeting there was a brief discussion about the colour of FOS and how it compares to Noodler’s Zhivago ink. 

Interestingly, there has been some discussion on the online pen boards whether FOS is simply Zhivago in a different bottle.  Our trusty ink testers assure us that this is NOT the case.  Yes, both are a dark green ink and appear very similar; however, there is a subtle difference – FOS is more grey (grey-green-black) than Zhivago (green-black).  The scan (below) of the two inks made with a Q-tip on Rhodia paper provides further evidence of this subtle but real difference.

Comparison of Badger & Blade 5 O'Clock Shadow to Zhivago ink

The $100,000 question is how FOS compares to the now discontinued Mont Blanc Racing Green or the recently released Diamine Racing Green (created for Missing-Pen ) and offered for sale in this FPN classified ad??

Blue inks from Toronto Pen Show plus

So our club took to the road last Saturday for the Toronto Pen Show.  The show was well attended by both dealers and people like us.  Of course, the show is small by U.S. standards but size isn’t everything – quality counts for something!

Here is a scan of the inks that I purchased from Sleuth & Statesman at the TPS plus a writing sample of Sailor Chushu ink that came with my new Sailor Realo fountain pen (this ink was distributed with the first 500 Realos sold – lucky me!).  The paper is 80 g Rhodia graph paper.

By the way, I had writing sample ready to be scanned this morning, however, as I was a bit rushed to get to the London Pen Club meeting at 9:30 am, I decided to wait and scan it when I returned home.  I passed the scan around the meeting table for everyone to look at (fwiw, Noodler’s Polar Blue was the consenus favourite).  One vintage collector was looking at the writing sample, put it down and then started playing with my Sailor Realo, not realizing that it is a piston-filler. That’s the problem with these vintage people, they think every pen has a lever!  Anyway, he (who shall remain unidentifed except to those present) is the person responsible for the blob of Chushu in the last sample.

toronto pen show inks plus

Fun with some new Noodler’s Inks

Feb 9 2008 ink scans

I will edit this post to add more description shortly but I wanted to get the scan of the inks up for everyone to see.  The Herbin Vert Empire did not make it – when we opened the box it turned out to be Larmes de Cassis.

Now, we had a comment that the Dragon’s Napalm appeared too pink like “Hello Kitty”.  I certainly would not say that it is pink, on the other hand, I would not say it is a burnt orange that I associate with fire breathing dragon’s.  It looks like mercurochrome did (you can’t buy it anymore, at least not in Canada (China, perhaps?)).  Here is another scan of only the Dragon’s Napalm on lined Rhodia paper.

Dragon’s Napalm scan