Levenger Perennial Six Pack of Inks

I have wanted to get my hands on the relatively new Levenger inks for awhile.  Since I just happened to be ordering a retirement gift for a business colleague, I used the opportunity to treat myself to their perennial six pack of inks.  Below are two scans made from on a test page on Nava Notes paper and a glass dipping pen.

A few things to consider when viewing the scans:  

  1. I decided to show the back because of the significant bleedthrough.  In my view, it is the paper and not the ink (except for the Skies of Blue as explained below).  
  2.  I used a glass dipping pen.  To be honest, I have never had much success or liked using glass dipping pen.  I have tried to smooth the nib without success.  As you can see, my results are mixed, at best.  For some reason, I could not even get the glass dipping pen to write with the Skies of Blue; at one point, a giant blob dripped off the pen, and well, you can see what happened (sorry)!!

I would be interested in hearing which one(s) are your favourites, do you detest, are surprised by, etc.