“Green Day” at the LPC (Ink Scans)

While I wish I could say that the band Green Day came to the London Pen Club meeting on March 20, 2010, I can’t.   I am still happy to report that we celebrated that most Irish of colours – (do I have to say it?) – a few days after the rest of the world raised their glasses in celebration of St. Patrick and everything green.  I am also pleased to report that our own Irish good luck charm (Dr. Stan) and Patrick were able to join us.  Attendance was excellent today – a full crowd and then some! 

How does a pen club celebrate “green”?  Well, everyone brought their green pen stuff – pens, inks, and anything else (emphasis on the pens and ink of course!) .  I could go on and on about the fun everyone had, however, as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  I am sure you don’t want to read a thousand words of my drivel, so without further adue, here are the ink scans that my daughter Aly swabbed for us using a Q-tip and 3 pages of Nava Notes paper.  My only regret was that LPC member David was not on hand so that we could have included a swab of  his Sailor Jentle Tokiwa-Mat Green ink.

We were also fortunate to have LPC member Rick bring his camera – I will post his photos in my next blog entry.

The colours in this first scan are, from top to bottom: Conway Stewart Green, Conway Stewart CS Green, Levenger Forest, Noodler’s Green, Noodler’s reformulated GI Green, Noodler’s original GI Green and Waterman Green.

On page 2, we have: Caran d’Ache Amazon Green, Herbin Vert Empire, Herbin Vert Olive and Pelikan Brilliant Green.

And finally, on page 3: Private Reserve Sherwood Green, Private Reserve Ebony Green, Noodler’s Zhivago and Rotring Green.

Some very interesting colours indeed!  It looks like Noodler’s did a great job with its GI Green reformulation (now it is the colour that everyone expected).  I must also say that Conway Stewart could have done a better job naming their two green inks.  I mean, how confusing is “Conway Stewart Green” and “Conway Stewart CS Green”?  Don’t believe me?  Try ordering the Conway Stewart CS Green and I will bet that you will receive Conway Stewart Green at least half of the time (that is my experience!).  Let us know what you think – what is your favourite and why?  What ink(s) would you like to try?