Sample of Blue and Blue-Black ink swatches

I was recently asked for a sample of some of the more popular, at least in my view, blue and blue-black inks so I thought I would share them with you.  I hope you find these interesting and helpful to your search for the ultimate blue and blue-black ink:

Sample of Blue and BB pg1 scans Sample of Blue and BB pg2 scans


Easter at the LPC – Purple, Purple & even more Purple!

Great meeting this morning, largest attendance we’ve had in while and it was great to have our roving correspondent Owen at a meeting.

I could try and tell you how much purple there was but the pictures do a much better job…

20140419-IMG_4597 20140419-IMG_4592 20140419-IMG_4587  20140419-IMG_4584 20140419-IMG_4581 20140419-IMG_4580 20140419-IMG_4579 20140419_095834