“Green Day” at the LPC (Photos)

Yes, as promised, here are the photos taken by LPC member Rick (thanks Rick!) at our celebration of everything green (at least, all fountain pen related stuff that is green) on March 20, 2010.  The first pictures are those of the ink bottles that we dipped with a Q-tip to create the swabs/ink scans in my first blog post.  The next are the fabulous pens that everyone brought out.  Check out the mint emerald Vac set – rumour has it that the owner bought it for $40 on Ebay!  Quite the sumgai, if I do say so myself!

Green ink bottles
More green ink bottles
Mint emerald green Vacumatic set
Check out those near-mint Sheaffers and that Waterman Ripple!
More green pens - WOW!
The best for last - writing with a smooooth green Visconti Manhattan
The best for last - writing with a smoooth green Visconti Manhattan!