Onoto the Pen


My good friend from across the pond, Stephen Hull, has just advised me that his latest fountain pen book, Onoto the Pen, is now available.

This 416 page book details the 80 year history of De La Rue’s development of Onoto and De La Rue pens and contains:
– more than 1000 colour images of these writing instruments, most at actual size;
– other images of related items, advertising and leaflets;
– tables with the approximate introduction dates of all models; and
– a 40 page comprehensive colour catalogue from c.1931, reproduced in its entirety!

My limited edition is on its way and I cannot wait to read it.  You can find more information about this book, including sample pages and how to buy it at Onoto the Pen.

Those of you familiar with Steve’s previous books already know the quality of them and their wonderful contribution to the history and knowledge of the subject pens.  For those who are not, I can personally attest to their excellence as I purchased and own each and every one of them.  I acquired them, in part, because Steve has generously shared his time, knowledge and expertise with me whenever I have asked him a question about the fountain pens that I collect – Conway Stewart, Onoto and Swan; however, the main reason for getting them is because his books are the essential reference source for them – you cannot collect any of these pens without them!

For information on all of Steve’s books and how to purchase them, please visit English Pen Books.