Pocket Sized Dotted Leuchtturm notebooks – Quick review

Leuchtturm notebook

By Rick

I picked up one of the Pocket Sized (6″ x 3.5″) dotted Leuchtturm notebooks from Russel of Nota-Bene at the Toronto Pen Show last month for $12.00.

Very much like a Moleskine, it has a plain black cover, a ribbon bookmark and the pocket in the back.  The paper is quite nice, nicer than Moleskine in my opinion, it doesn’t feather with the inks I’ve tried.  What’s different from the Moleskine is that the pages are numbered, there is a “index” at the front to fill out if you wish, and the last few pages are perforated so they can be easily torn out.

Blue inks from Toronto Pen Show plus

So our club took to the road last Saturday for the Toronto Pen Show.  The show was well attended by both dealers and people like us.  Of course, the show is small by U.S. standards but size isn’t everything – quality counts for something!

Here is a scan of the inks that I purchased from Sleuth & Statesman at the TPS plus a writing sample of Sailor Chushu ink that came with my new Sailor Realo fountain pen (this ink was distributed with the first 500 Realos sold – lucky me!).  The paper is 80 g Rhodia graph paper.

By the way, I had writing sample ready to be scanned this morning, however, as I was a bit rushed to get to the London Pen Club meeting at 9:30 am, I decided to wait and scan it when I returned home.  I passed the scan around the meeting table for everyone to look at (fwiw, Noodler’s Polar Blue was the consenus favourite).  One vintage collector was looking at the writing sample, put it down and then started playing with my Sailor Realo, not realizing that it is a piston-filler. That’s the problem with these vintage people, they think every pen has a lever!  Anyway, he (who shall remain unidentifed except to those present) is the person responsible for the blob of Chushu in the last sample.

toronto pen show inks plus